Pioneer DDJX Preparation

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The Pioneer DDJX Preparation skin is the first in a line coming from virtualdjskins developer Wayne Evans, this is a one deck skin custom built and the first of its kind for VirtualDJ 8.  Designed specifically for the preparation of your tracks before that big gig, in full HD, and a must have for any serious or professional DJ.

 Using the DDJX you can setup each track in your collection, exactly as you want them. Create upto ten colour coded hotcues, and loop points, edit tags and points of interest with ease, setup remix points. Trigger effects and samples to go off in just the right place. Edit your pads and create new pages to use within your mix, record samples from your tracks plus lots more.

In addition the DDJX preparation skin also works great as a stand alone audio and automix player, and awsome for video/karaoke nights. Also coming in the DDJX line is a two and four deck performance skin.


Additional Info

  • VDJ Version: 8
  • Number Of Decks: 1
  • Video Support: Yes
  • Scratch Support: Yes
  • Sandbox: Not Aplicable
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Price: £3.00


Video Comming Soon.

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