The Pioneer DDJX Preparation skin is the first in a line coming from virtualdjskins developer Wayne Evans, this is a one deck skin custom built and the first of its kind for VirtualDJ 8.  Designed specifically for the preparation of your tracks before that big gig, in full HD, and a must have for any serious or professional DJ.


Bring out the best in the N4 and Virtual DJ 8 with this great looking skin, designed for use with the Numark N4 controller.  For the first time N4 users can now have a visual display, that matches both the looks, and the functions, of their controller. As well as all the buttons being mapped to the N4, this skin also comes with extra functions that are not found on the controller, plus 18 custom buttons that you can change around to suit your own needs.


Styled on the Pioneer XDJ-R1 controller, this is a fully functional skin that can be used with or without the controller, is both windows and mac compatable, with two decks for audio and video mixing. Available for VirtualDJ versions 8 & 7. This skin has been designed not to look exactly like the controller, but more to stand along side it, to be a useful tool, and to give you a visual representation of what your controller is doing. Exclusive to Virtualdjskins, this skin is not available anywhere else.


traktor pro on a combination of stability virtualdj more dynamism to its interface adapado the most similar as possible.
I hope you like.

Contains: -1 Browser -147 Buttons -2 Dropzone -1 Granzone -1 Logo 10 Pannels -37 Sliders -9 Visuals, and more.


For use with the Vestax VCI-380 DJ controller. Mix, scratch, cue, effect, sample, trigger, loop and slice. Every feature of the VCI-380 is optimized to enhance the DJs performance and take a new approach in manipulating music.

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