For a long time now, DJs have had the ability to remotely access their software, via various apps, and for Virtual DJ none done this better than the iRemote app, developed by VDJ. However there were many flaws to this, and I guess the biggest one of all, was the fact that it was for iOS only. And it didn’t stop there, as a lot of the functions available to VDJ, could not be found or controlled via the app, only basic function were to be found, Play, Stop, Volume, you get the idea.

Have you just got your new copy of Virtual DJ 8, and are now stuck trying to figure out how everything works? Even seasoned veterans, of the Virtual DJ series have been having some problems finding out about all the new features, and how to access them in the newly designed interface. If this sounds like you, then worry no more. The guys over at Virtual DJ HQ have come up with a great set of tutorial videos, covering every aspect that the new version eight has to offer, plus some handy tips and tricks.


A rich resource of Video and Written tutorials are available.

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