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Purchasing skins here at VDJS is a very simple, fast, and secure proccess. Our ever growing database contains skins that are exclusive to VDJS and can not be found anywhere else. However, when buying skins for VirtualDJ there are some things you need to remember. We have complied a short guide for you to follow, to ensure that you get the most out of VDJS and the right skin that fits your needs...

Browsing the skins

Our skins have been categorised, depending on the functionality...

Controllers - For use with controllers/midi devices. (*note some of these skins will have limited visual controls ie no mixer as these are not needed for use with controllers)

Video - Ideal for visual and karaoke jockeys. (*note these skins are usually at a higher than normal screen resolution)

Turntablism - Favored by the purist DJs and are to be used in conjunction with timecoded vinyl/cds. (*note some of these skins will have limited controls)

Multi-Function - These skins offer multiple uses in a variaty of resolutions. (*note altho they are multi-function they may not include the exact functions you require, always read the listing carfully)

iRemote - Only for use with the iRemote app for VirtualDJ available for ipads and iphones. (*note these skins are designed for remote use only and some functions are limited)

A few things to remember when selecting your skins...

The most important thing is your VirtualDJ version, always check that your version number corresponds to your selection of skin. Some skins built for older versions of VirtualDJ will work on the newer versions of VirtualDJ, however most skins built for the current version are not backward compatable.

You will also want to be sure that your screen resolution matches the dimensions of the skin you have selected. All of our skins have it clearly stated in the description under additional info. In addition to this some developers will add re-sized versions of the same skin within the package, so this is always worth checking. You dont want to buy a skin, only to find that everything looks distorted and out of shape.

Most of the skins found on VDJS will be both PC and Mac compatable, however there are some that are for PC only and some for Mac only. All our skins will state what platform they are for in the description under additional info.

Please be aware that your purchase is for the skin only, we do not include any of the software/hardware that is required to use our skins.

Adding to cart

Once you have selected the skin you wish to buy, simply press the Add To Cart button that can be found in the description, you will then be given the option to move onto checkout or to continue browsing. You may add multiple items to your cart, when you have selected your skins you can move on to checkout, a link can be found on the right hand menu. If you wish to veiw your cart at any time you can find a link at the top of every page. You can also edit your cart here, by removing items you no longer wish to puchase.

Buying your skin

From your cart you can begin the checkout process, if you are a member you will be prompted to login, if not you can create a account. Please provide all the required fields.  You will then be directed to your cart where you can remove items you no longer wish to buy, and continue to place your order.

All payments are made securely through PayPal, a charge of 2.9% + £0.30 will be added, after placing your order you will be redirected to PayPal were you can login and confirm payment for you items. As soon as we have received confirmation of payment, your items will be emailed to you, In addition you will also be able to browse to your download section were you will have unlimited access to your purchases (members only).

Receiving your skin

Once your order has been placed and confirmed, you will receive a email from us, after this has arrived you can then proceed to the downloads area where your purchase will be available to download. To install you must place the file within the skins directory of your VirtualDJ software. you can find a tutorial for this here.

Since VirtualDJSkins is offering non-tangible, irrevocable goods we do not provide refunds after the product is emailed, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product at our site. Please make sure that you read our legal section.